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Mission Statement

“Just as my fathers planted for me, so shall I plant for my children" – Babylonian Talmud



Why YOU should become a Partner with the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life


Since 2003, the Foundation for Jewish Life, Inc., (FJMC Foundation) has been instrumental in partnering with FJMC to bring leadership, innovation, and community to Conservative/Masorti Jewish Men. Our commitment as leaders and as Jewish men is to ensure that the guiding values which make us better fathers, spouses and Menschen continue as a legacy for future generations. Involvement in your men’s club, your region and the FJMC is a reflection of that commitment. Your support of the FJMC Foundation transforms your gifts into an Endowment which sustains the FJMC to continue to enrich the lives of Jewish Men.




  • The FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, is committed to addressing men’s leadership role in a changing world. We help build future leaders in the Jewish Community by providing training and tools through funding a yearly Leadership Development Institute. We are striving to make the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, LDI the premier Men’s Jewish leadership development institute in the world.




  • The FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, provides ongoing funding for grants to our Men’s clubs for creative initiatives and programming that can be used by our clubs and regions.  Providing financial support is paramount for us to continue to develop innovative programming and initiatives such as, Yellow CandlesTM, My Family Conversations, Keruv/Intermarriage, Hearing Men’s Voices, Minyan of Comfort, etc.




  • The FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, builds Community.  We build Community by partnering with FJMC to continue forming meaningful long-lasting relationships based on camaraderie, common interests and core values. We bring men together from all over the world to enhance Conservative Judaism and Jewish Life.  The years of building these relationships have created something special.  Any where you go in the world if you need a friend there will be someone there to help you.


How you can be a partner
with the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life


Become a Fellow-

You can become a fellow of the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, for as little as $1,000 dollars.  Your donation can be distributed/paid for over four years.  Gifts over $10,000 dollars may be self directed.  We cherish your gifts but more importantly we cherish each of you as part of our family which will allow the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, to make a difference.  Help us perpetuate your legacy.


Become a Member of the Legacy Society


Designate a bequest to the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, and become a member of our Legacy Society. This is not a request to write a check today, rather it is a commitment to leaving a bequest through a will, a life insurance policy or some type of trust.  There are two times you can be remembered after you are gone. The first in passing and the second in leaving a gift to the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life.  No matter how small or large the gift yours and your families memory will live on as a legacy foundation member


Help us secure the FJMC and its ideals and programing for the next generation

They say you “CAN ONLY LIVE ONCE BUT YOU CAN DIE TWICE” Once when you pass and again when your good name is no longer known. With a legacy gift to the FJMC Foundation for Jewish life you can ensure that your name lives on as your gift continues to help Jewish Men live Jewish lives in this rapidly changing world.


For questions or to discuss your gift please contact either me or any of the other FJMC Foundation leaders shown on the Become a Fellow page


Doug Segerman

Chairman, The FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life


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