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Why I'm INvolvEDed

When Tom Sudow asked me to join the Foundation for Jewish Life of the FJMC some ten years ago, I proudly said “Yes,” as I understood the vital need to support the good works of the FJMC.  As I looked back at my years of affiliation with FJMC, I recalled the invaluable help of Rabbi Simon in the re-creation of my own club in the West End Synagogue in Nashville, Tennessee.  


We recreated our Men’s Club after an absence of over three decades.  As we reached out to our congregation with the gift of a Yellow Yom HaShoah candle for all congregants, we began to appreciate the value of the FJMC, and it has continued to support our club and the Anshei Darom Region with valuable programs that enhance our Jewish lives and make us proud to carry on the traditions of the Jewish people.  I felt very honored to be a member of the Foundation for Jewish Life, and when the opportunity to help create the Legacy Society was presented, I jumped in with both feet.


Both Ruthi and I recognized that to maintain the good works of the FJMC in perpetuity, the Foundation needed a long-term fundraising vehicle to help establish an endowment that would grow, and at the same time, support the many initiatives of the FJMC.


I am proud to be a founding member of the Legacy Society and to have made a lifetime gift to ensure that the great works of the FJMC continue into the future.


Dr. Eugene and Ruthi Sacks

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