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Our Legacy Fellows

Legacy Fellows are those who designate a bequest to the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, and become a member of our Legacy Society. This is not a request to write a check today, rather it is a commitment to leaving a bequest through a will, a life insurance policy or some type of trust.  

  • Gary Smith

  • Gene Sacks

  • Robert Braitman

  • Stephen Davidoff

  • Myles Simpson

  • Norm Kurtz

  • Robert Mandel

  • Michael Mills

  • Tom Sudow

  • Mark Berlin

  • Arnie Miller

  • Richard Gray

  • Eric Weis

  • Norm Soroko

  • Daniel Stern

  • Jerome Agrest

  • Alan Gottesman

  • Ken Elfand

  • Stephen A. Neustein

  • Ira Bartfield

  • Harold Nissen

  • Michael Brasloff

  • Jack Dinsfriend

  • Harvey Braunstein

  • Shelly Handel

  • Mitchell Ross

  • Gregory Gore

  • Mark Druy

  • Seymour Scharf

  • Steve Dix

  • Charles Simon

  • Allan Robert Kahan

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