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Imagine Life

A Mental Wellness Initiative... Before it is Too Late

Healing of the Body & Mind

The FJMC is excited to bring to Conservative Judaism a Mental Wellness Initiative.

FJMC has been working diligently with our members, synagogues, and regions to develop ways to bring families together to address anxiety, depression, addiction, and suicide.

With your help we can together develop a program that will help our children, parents, and grandparents gain the resiliency to deal with these serious realities of life.

Our Vision of this initiative is to:

  • Develop programming to bring awareness, education and prevention dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, and suicide in our community.   There will be a specific emphasis on guiding parents and grandparents of preschool and elementary age children.

  • Provide grants and stipends to men’s clubs, synagogues, and regions that develop creative and innovative programming addressing awareness, education, and prevention of anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide.

  • Provide think tanks and educational opportunities for clergy and lay leaders to help their synagogues and men’s clubs address Mental Wellness.


Make part of your legacy to your family and community funding this valuable initiative that will help define the future of FJMC.


The FJMC thanks you for your generosity and commitment to this new defining initiative.  Go to the FJMC website to find out more about this initiative. 

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