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FJMC Foundation Launches Search for your leadership talents.

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

When your leadership role with your Club, your Region or the FJMC club ends, the FJMC Foundation is where you can continue to use those skills for involving Jewish Men in Jewish Life.

It happens in every organization. Your term in a significant leadership role has ended in either your club, your Region or with the FJMC, and you still want to contribute and continue to involve Jewish Men in Jewish Life. Where can you use those skills? The FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life is where. While you might have to adjust your aim and approach, you'll have the opportunity to make an important contribution, and have a successful 'second act.' Talk to one of the leaders of the Foundation (see the Become A Fellow link above). We look forward to you joining us and continuing to use the leadership skills you've taken a lifetime to learn.

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